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— Booty Cat

Posted on May 09

Posted on Apr 07

Godzilla plays Tapbooty. Do you?

Godzilla plays Tapbooty. Do you?

Tapestry 3.0

Excited for the folks at Tapestry! This app is awesome. Y’all should definitely check it out.



Shipwreck Trailer by Brushfire Games

I spend a lot of time encouraging and promoting small developers, so I hope it’s understood that I don’t say this just because I like to be mean, but I don’t quite understand why people make games that copy others so completely.

I mean, I sorta get it. I love early Zelda games, too. So, if I were talented enough to make a full game, I might briefly consider doing a riff or homage to a certain mechanic or theme from those games. But to essentially just bold-facedly remake Link’s Awakening in all but name? That I don’t get. A tribute, a wink, a nod, an homage - I can see sneaking these things into your game, but I don’t see the point in just re-doing what’s already been done.

I know there are a lot of nostalgia dollars out there to be had, and making something like this will make some people happy, but personally, I’d always rather see something new and unique, something that shows the developer has their own distinctive ideas and style, and not just the ability to copy someone else’s.


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Posted on Mar 18

SXSW Weird Brands by Tapestry

Tapbooty was gonna go…but you know, we didn’t want to get added to this list.

Posted on Mar 13

Daft Punk & LCD Soundsystem Playlist

Workin’ for the Weekend

This week’s got something special. I can feel it. (Maybe it was that Marty and Rust survived last night…)

Tapbooty Updates

1. Congratulations to Teresa! She won our last 10,000 Booty Coin Giveaway. If you haven’t signed up for this weeks. Go check it out.
2. We’ve got Game of War on Tapbooty.

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